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Howling Hops Points

Howling Hops Points are here!

We’ve got exciting news: our online shop now has a very juicy customer loyalty scheme!

Like a Clubcard for Super Liquid Goodness, it means that every time you place an order from a registered account, you’ll earn Howling Hops Points that can be banked and redeemed on future orders!

Naturally, the more you spend, the more you’ll earn. Every £1 you spend online earns you 6 Points, and every 100 points banked equals £1 worth of discounts. For example, ordering a £75 Mixed 24-Pack earns you 450 points, worth £4.50 off a future order! Spend them on your next order, or save them up for bigger discounts.

Please note that Howling Hops Points are for online shop purchases only, and new points will only appear on your account after your order has been processed.

It gets even better – every registered account gets their own referral code. Share the code with a friend, and when they place an order you earn 500 points (£5)! Your referral code is stored on your online shop account page, along with buttons for sharing your code on social media. Once your friend has placed an order with us, you’ll be notified by email once your points have been updated!

Simply log in, place an order and watch the points rack up! You’ll get an email from us when you’ve earned or spent points, and you can view your points balance at any time from your account page.

To spend them, simply go to your Howling Hops Points page of your account and enter how many of your points you want to convert into a discount coupon. Again, please note that points are only updated after orders have been processed.

Stay safe and stay refreshed!

Howling Hops x