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Yesterday’s Numbers

It’s here!



What is it this time?

New collab, innit! We’ve brewed a delicious new IPA with Sam from Boxcar!


Dead fancy. This collab gave us an opportunity to try out something special and push our existing love of hoppy beer into new realms of flavour.

Alright calm down, I didn’t even ask.

Well, it’s exciting! Boxcar brew thoughtful and expressive beers that have captured the imagination of drinkers and even jaded industry types like ourselves.

To that end, for our collab, we decided to see what we could do with a healthy addition of delicious vanilla in a typically bold and juicy 7.3% NEIPA using Citra and Galaxy hops.


Yes. What exactly are we going for, I hear you ask…

No I didn’t.

It was implied. What we’re going for is a twist on a…erm… traditional Milkshake IPA.

Oh yes very traditional-

Zip it! Milkshake IPAs typically use lactose for their creamy sweetness, but as we generally favour vegan-friendly beers (with only a couple of exceptions) we wanted to replicate the texture with speciality grains and achieve the ice cream magic with a dusting of vanilla.

Big talk, Willy Wonka. How did it turn out then?

This is a multi-dimensional NEIPA, mate. It’s got a Top-of-the-line, Pale ‘n’ Smooth texture from European Pils, Carapils and Oats, so there’s plenty of body without using any wheat. There’s tangy, tropical fruits from Citra and Galaxy, and sumptuous, Luxury Energy from Vanilla. It’s a jackpot winner.

Fair enough. What’s the name all about, then?




Yesterday’s Numbers is now available online and from bars and retailers next week!

The team enjoying a few lemonades after a hard day in the ice cream mines.