Two New Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts!

Two New Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts!

We're delighted to present two very special barrel aged beers!

Way, way back in 2019 (yes, the Before Times), we brewed an Imperial Stout to tuck away into barrels, replacing those we’d just released: Yūki and Well Shot. We hoped we’d be able to release something just as exciting as last time...

After extended barrel ageing, blending, quite a lot of tasting and racking our brains (and barrels), we managed to produce two very different beers!

The first is blended from beer aged in Bourbon barrels, henceforth known as Imperial Stout 2019 – Bourbon Barrel Aged.

The second was aged in a variety of other whisky barrels and had, to use a technical term, a metric buttload of cherries added to it after barrel ageing. This is now our Imperial Cherry Stout 2019 – Barrel Aged.

They have some things in common. They’re the same base beer, they’re both 10% ABV, they are both available in 440ml cans and 20L kegs. That aside, they couldn’t be more different!

Imperial Stout 2019
(Bourbon Barrel Aged) 10%

AKA ‘The Bourbon One’, has taken enormous amounts of flavour from the barrel. In addition to the usual vanilla and butterscotch energy of Bourbon, there’s flavours reminiscent of aged port and sherry.

Imperial Cherry Stout 2019
(Barrel Aged) 10%

AKA ‘The Cherry One’, is like black forest gateau meets crème brulee. Decadent fruity sweetness, a slick, sticky malt character and beautiful caramel flavours, rounded off by a lip-smacking cherry pie finish.

These beers are available in very limited quantities, so please order early to avoid disappointment! Both beers are now available to wholesale customers and on our online shop.

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