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Yesterday’s Numbers

It’s here!



What is it this time?

New collab, innit! We’ve brewed a delicious new IPA with Sam from Boxcar!


Dead fancy. This collab gave us an opportunity to try out something special and push our existing love of hoppy beer into new realms of flavour.

Alright calm down, I didn’t even ask.

Well, it’s exciting! Boxcar brew thoughtful and expressive beers that have captured the imagination of drinkers and even jaded industry types like ourselves.

To that end, for our collab, we decided to see what we could do with a healthy addition of delicious vanilla in a typically bold and juicy 7.3% NEIPA using Citra and Galaxy hops.


Yes. What exactly are we going for, I hear you ask…

No I didn’t.

It was implied. What we’re going for is a twist on a…erm… traditional Milkshake IPA.

Oh yes very traditional-

Zip it! Milkshake IPAs typically use lactose for their creamy sweetness, but as we generally favour vegan-friendly beers (with only a couple of exceptions) we wanted to replicate the texture with speciality grains and achieve the ice cream magic with a dusting of vanilla.

Big talk, Willy Wonka. How did it turn out then?

This is a multi-dimensional NEIPA, mate. It’s got a Top-of-the-line, Pale ‘n’ Smooth texture from European Pils, Carapils and Oats, so there’s plenty of body without using any wheat. There’s tangy, tropical fruits from Citra and Galaxy, and sumptuous, Luxury Energy from Vanilla. It’s a jackpot winner.

Fair enough. What’s the name all about, then?




Yesterday’s Numbers is now available online and from bars and retailers next week!

The team enjoying a few lemonades after a hard day in the ice cream mines.
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Howling Hops Points

Howling Hops Points are here!

We’ve got exciting news: our online shop now has a very juicy customer loyalty scheme!

Like a Clubcard for Super Liquid Goodness, it means that every time you place an order from a registered account, you’ll earn Howling Hops Points that can be banked and redeemed on future orders!

Naturally, the more you spend, the more you’ll earn. Every £1 you spend online earns you 6 Points, and every 100 points banked equals £1 worth of discounts. For example, ordering a £75 Mixed 24-Pack earns you 450 points, worth £4.50 off a future order! Spend them on your next order, or save them up for bigger discounts.

Please note that Howling Hops Points are for online shop purchases only, and new points will only appear on your account after your order has been processed.

It gets even better – every registered account gets their own referral code. Share the code with a friend, and when they place an order you earn 500 points (£5)! Your referral code is stored on your online shop account page, along with buttons for sharing your code on social media. Once your friend has placed an order with us, you’ll be notified by email once your points have been updated!

Simply log in, place an order and watch the points rack up! You’ll get an email from us when you’ve earned or spent points, and you can view your points balance at any time from your account page.

To spend them, simply go to your Howling Hops Points page of your account and enter how many of your points you want to convert into a discount coupon. Again, please note that points are only updated after orders have been processed.

Stay safe and stay refreshed!

Howling Hops x

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Beer & Charcuterie Tasting 5th November

Beer & Charcuterie Tasting 5th November

We’ve enjoyed trying out online events recently and thought it was time for another one! This time we have partnered up with the brilliant Crown & Queue Meats to host an online event at 8pm on 5th November, recorded at All Good Beer in Hackney Downs. Tasting Event Packs are available to pre-order now [click here to order]!

Beer and meat, eh?

Seems pretty out there, we know. Those of you who ordered a Superior Liquid Goodness pack from us recently may have tried Crown & Queue’s delicious ‘Pigtails’ – made using some of our Push Push DDH Pale Ale. These guys really know their beers as well as their meats, so we thought it would be fun to team up on a tasting with a difference!

As with our previous Super Secret Tasting Pack, this event will be for everyone who orders the Beer & Charcuterie Tasting Event Pack online, and joins us on Instagram Live from 8pm on November 5th! This will be limited to 48 packs in total, so don’t miss out!

What’s in the pack?

We’ve devised four different pairings of charcuterie and beer, each designed to amplify flavours in both the meat and the beer, and give you all some insight into how these tasty flavours are made. Plus, every pack contains two bonus cans each of Tropical Deluxe and House IPA, as well as tasting notes and other goodies.

For the event we’ll be joined by Alfie from Crown & Queue to talk all things meat, whilst Chris and Sean will once again be chattering about the beers.

What are the pairings?

Pocketbook DDH Pale + Hoghton Loin – This juicy and lightly floral hoppy pale ale should go beautifully with the delicate herb and spice flavours in this pork loin cured with Rosemary, Fennel and Horseradish. Get ready for some seriously fruity interplay.

Passing By DDH Red Ale + Lincoln Imp Sausage – A beer making a return since its first brew in the middle of lockdown, Passing By has that piney hop character and chewy red ale flavour to tangle with big flavours. Lincoln Imp sausage is made with garlic, dried fruit, sage and export stout, so expect some tasty fireworks!

Freedom Vortex West Coast IPA + Black Pepper Belly – A recent big favourite of ours here at the brewery, Freedom Vortex’s big citrus notes and delicious malt structure are perfectly suited to the snappy pepper and juniper flavours on this meltingly soft pork belly.

Soft Top Sabro Stout + Martlemass Beef – Big flavours meet big flavours for this one! This dry-cured heritage Beef Silverside is cured with spices and finished with fruit sour beer, which melds wonderfully with the luxurious malt and toast flavours in Soft Top, edged with hoppy notes of tropical fruit and coconut.


We’re also going to use the event as an introduction to future event partners Pastore, a pair of amazing pasta wranglers who have recently joined All Good Beer in Hackney Downs Studios. The plan is to have lots of beery and foodie chat, give away some spot prizes, and generally have a merry time.

Order your Beer & Charcuterie Tasting Event Pack here! After you’ve ordered your box, we’ll be in touch ahead of the event with a notice of shipping and an event reminder.