Tank Bar & Kitchen Menu

Here are the current beers pouring from tank!

Scroll down for a link to our full drinks menu and our food menu by Maize Blaze.

Please ask at the bar for an up-to-date list of available cans and other offers!

Tank Beer1/3 Pint1/2 Pint2/3 PintPint4 Pint Pitcher3.5 Pint Glass Flagon (£5)
Penny Floater – NEIPA (Citra Cryo Sabro Galaxy) – 7.5%£2.65£3.95£5.25£7.85£31.00£27.00
Miles Away – DDH Pale (Enigma Topaz Ella) – 5.0%£1.75£2.70£3.50£5.25£20.50£15.00
Curiosity Vendor – DDH Pale (Citra Chinook Topaz) – 6.0%£1.95£2.95£3.90£5.85£23.00£17.00
Wind and Sea Surf Club – Pale Ale (Azacca Simcoe) – 4.5%£1.75£2.70£3.50£5.25£20.50£15.00
Barleypop – Lite Lager – 4.4%£1.75£2.70£3.50£5.25£20.50£15.00
Tropical Deluxe – Pale Ale (Citra Mosaic Simcoe) – 3.8%£1.75£2.70£3.50£5.25£20.50£15.00
Soft Top – Sabro Stout – 6.5%£2.30£3.45£4.55£6.85£27.00£22.00
Pull Together – Tiny Pale (Cascade Citro Cryo Simcoe) – 2.8%£1.75£2.70£3.50£5.25£20.50£15.00
Three Piece Whistles – DIPA (Triple Citra) – 8%£2.65£3.95£5.25£7.85£31.00£27.00

For full dietary and allergen information, please see here.