The UK's First Dedicated Tank Bar! Open every day 12pm til late [no bookings or reservations!]

We have new beers every week, pouring straight from the tank!


All tank beers are available in 1 pint, ⅓ pint½ pint and ⅔ pint measures - or 4-pint pitchers!


Branded glass flagons to takeaway cost £5, and can hold ~3.5 Pints of tank beer. 440ml cans are also available to take home - ask staff for info!


Wines/Cider/Spirits/Softs menu here!

Food by Kottu House (click here for menu)!



#1 - Screwball - Berliner Weisse (Lemon and Lime) - 3.5% 

A real face-twister, SCREWBALL Berliner Weisse is a treat for the eyes and your tastebuds. Sharp, tangy notes of lemon and lime with just a hint of salt make this a mouth-watering joy to drink. Serve cold and preferably under a palm tree.

#2 - Into The Green Room - NEIPA (Cryo Sabro Bru-1 Amarillo) - 6.0%

Into The Green Room, a thunderstorm of tropical flavours. Cryo Sabro, Bru-1 and Amarillo bring big orange, mango and pineapple flavours with a gentle coconut macaroon finish.

#3 - Seat Of Mars (Collab w/ Eebria) - Modern English Pale Ale (Emperor, Jester and Chinook) - 4.6%

Using English varieties Emperor, Jester and English-grown Chinook, this is a hazy, fruity and punchy Pale Ale collab with Eebria! Expect a floral, spicy aroma and flavours of tangerine, lemon, lime and pink grapefruit, rounded off with a clean, bitter finish.

#4 - Barleypop - Lite Lager (Spalter Mittelfrüh) - 4.4%

POP-POP! Barleypop is our 4.4% Lite Lager. Putting some polish on the well-worn everyday light lager, this is a bright, crisp, sunny beer designed for all occasions.

#5 - Sleek Behaviour - Low-Alcohol Pale Ale (Strata Centennial) - 0.5%

As hazy and glowing as freshly squeezed citrus, this highly hopped Pale delivers all the full-powered juicy flavours you'd expect from us but at a safety-first strength.

#6 - Dreamcoat (Collab w/Drop Project Brew Co.) - NEIPA - (HBC 630, Strata, Citra) - 6.2%

Dreamcoat is our newest NEIPA in collaboration with Drop Project Brew Co. Crushable mango, passionfruit and pineapple notes come throughout thanks to the combo of HBC 630, Strata and Citra. Joseph and the Technicolour who?

#7 - Come Along Wolfgang - Hopfenweisse (Ariana, Callista, Mandarina) - 5.1%

A classic intercontinental Hopfenweisse Come Along Wolfgang contains notes that will please your tastebuds and your ears. This Ariana, Callista and Mandarina hopped brew starts off with peppery cloves before moving into crushable moments of pear drop and melon. Play it again…

#8 - Tropical Deluxe - Pale Ale (Citra Mosaic Simcoe) - 3.8%

Our core pale ale. Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe do the tropical dry hop tango, while our house yeast strain keeps things soft, light, and balanced as a hammock.

#9 - Sunshine Roulette - NEIPA (Galaxy Sabro Vic Secret) - 7.4%

Buy a ticket to the tropics with this new Galaxy, Sabro and Vic Secret NEIPA that bursts with pineapple, lychee, coconut and mango. Spin that wheel!

#10 - Coco Interchannel - Toasted Coconut Stout - 5.8%

Big but delicate, the flavours of COCO INTERCHANNEL are rich and dark but relaxed, with a bready hazelnut balanced with the sweetness of milk chocolate and coconut. A Toasted Coconut Stout with an edge.