The UK's First Dedicated Tank Bar! Open every day 12pm til late [no bookings or reservations!]

We have new beers every week, pouring straight from the tank!


All tank beers are available in 1 pint, ⅓ pint½ pint and ⅔ pint measures - or 4-pint pitchers!


Branded glass flagons to takeaway cost £5, and can hold ~3.5 Pints of tank beer. 440ml cans are also available to take home - ask staff for info!


Wines/Cider/Spirits/Softs menu here!

Food by Kottu House (click here for menu)!



#1 - Follow Augustus - Cold IPA (El Dorado Talus Bru-1) - 5.9% 


#2 - House IPA - Pale Ale (Mosaic Citra) - 6.9%

House IPA is our core NEIPA. It's got a light and fluffy body, delicate carbonation, and a big-hitting dry-hop combo led by Mosaic and Citra. Aromas and flavours of mango and pineapple burst on the palate. A super drinkable and very moreish IPA.

#3 - Tropical Deluxe - Pale Ale (Citra Mosaic Simcoe) - 3.8%

Our core pale ale. Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe do the tropical dry hop tango, while our house yeast strain keeps things soft, light, and balanced as a hammock.

#4 - Barleypop - Lite Lager (Spalter Mittelfrüh) - 4.4%

POP-POP! Barleypop is our 4.4% Lite Lager. Putting some polish on the well-worn everyday light lager, this is a bright, crisp, sunny beer designed for all occasions.

#5 - Cleaning in progress. Fresh beer coming soon!

#6 - Signal Failure - Fruit Sour - (Kiwi Peach Mango) - 4.5%

SIGNAL FAILURE our newest Fruit Sour is a tart treat for the tastebuds. Made with kiwi, peach and mango for massive juicy flavours that just keep on going. Available at for all your fruit beer-based needs.

#7 - Come Along Wolfgang - Hopfenweisse (Ariana, Callista, Mandarina) - 5.1%

A classic intercontinental Hopfenweisse Come Along Wolfgang contains notes that will please your tastebuds and your ears. This Ariana, Callista and Mandarina hopped brew starts off with peppery cloves before moving into crushable moments of pear drop and melon. Play it again…

#8 - Yūki - Japanese Barrel Aged Stout (Citra Mosaic Simcoe) - 3.8%

Brewed in 2018, the base beer for Yūki is a clone of the historic Courage Russian Imperial Stout. This was aged for 12 months in Japanese whisky barrels (which werepreviously Jim Beam barrels).

#9 - Searchlight - DIPA (Strata Mosaic El Dorado) - 7.2%

Buy a ticket to the tropics with this new Galaxy, Sabro and Vic Secret NEIPA that bursts with pineapple, lychee, coconut and mango. Spin that wheel!

#10 - Totally Automatic - DDH Pale Ale (Warrior Idaho 7 Centennial) - 5.5%

Totally Automatic, because we all know doing the work yourself is overrated. This one is both DANK and DENSE, pure juice by looks and taste thanks to Warrior and Idaho 7 bringing that fruit explosion to the table! Utterly crushable, you’ll want another as soon as you’re done. It’s automatic, innit.