The UK's First Dedicated Tank Bar! Open every day 12pm til late [no bookings or reservations!]

We have new beers every week, pouring straight from the tank!


All tank beers are available in 1 pint, ⅓ pint½ pint and ⅔ pint measures - or 4-pint pitchers!


Branded glass flagons to takeaway cost £5, and can hold ~3.5 Pints of tank beer. 440ml cans are also available to take home - ask staff for info!


Wines/Cider/Spirits/Softs menu here!

Food by Kottu House (click here for menu)!



#1 - Getaway Driver - DDH Extra Pale Ale (Loral Talus Mosaic) - 5.5% 

A bittersweet collab between departing staff Chris, Rob and Simon! Getaway Driver is built for speed and agility, with a body softened by oats, rice and wheat. Loral, Talus and Mosaic inject this crushable Pale Ale with grapefruit, lime, blueberry and peach, and lasting hoppy finish.

#2 - House IPA - India Pale Ale (Mosaic Citra Azacca) - 6.9%

Our core IPA, fruity, full-bodied and bursting with juicy notes of mango and pineapple, and balanced by a smooth finish.

#3 - Swing Time - Pale Ale (El Dorado Citra Columbus) - 5.2% 

A fresh batch of our DDH Pale, showcasing El Dorado, Citra and Columbus in a twirling dance of citrus, pineapple and fresh pine. Easy drinking and packed with rhythm.

#4 - Barleypop - Lite Lager (Spalter Mittelfrüh) - 4.4%

POP-POP! Barleypop is our 4.4% Lite Lager. Putting some polish on the well-worn everyday light lager, this is a bright, crisp, sunny beer designed for all occasions.

#5 - Sleek Behaviour - Low Alcohol Pale Ale (Strata Centennial) - 0.5%

A new Low Alcohol Pale Ale recipe using Strata and Centennial! As hazy and glowing as freshly squeezed citrus, this highly hopped Pale delivers all the full-powered juicy flavours you'd expect from us but at a safety-first strength.

#6 - Gran Paradiso - Italian Pils (Lupomax Saaz) - 5.3%

Italian Pils brewed in collaboration with our friends at Arundel Brewery! Hopped with Lupomax and Saaz it's delightfully crisp with a hint of sweetness, just begging to be enjoyed in temperatures of 15 degrees and upwards. A real heat seeker.

#7 - Too Late Now - DDH Pale Ale - (Chinook, Citra, Sorachi Ace) - 5.3%

Too Late Now, our newest DDH Pale Ale at 5.3% is a forest of flavours, hopped with Chinook, Citra and Sorachi Ace for an earthiness and citrus zing. A whole mouthful of nature.

#8 - Tropical Deluxe - Pale Ale (Citra Mosaic Simcoe) - 3.8%

Our core pale ale. Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe do the tropical dry hop tango, while our house yeast strain keeps things soft, light, and balanced as a hammock.

#9 - Buckle Down - DDH Pale Ale (Citra Amarillo Columbus) - 5.8% 

Strap in! Buckle Down is racing round the corner, our newest DDH Pale at 5.0% featuring Citra, Amarillo and Columbus doing some heavy lifting with flavours of stone fruit and citrus with a delicious pine finish. Zoom zoom…

#10 - Coco Interchannel - Toasted Coconut Stout - 5.8%